I'm seeking information on a medical device seen on screen pertaining to astronauts.

Oct 16, 2021
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I believe it was a Kennedy Space station program that my class was watching at maybe the Minnesota Science Museum, otherwise just in general NASA programming but on Discovery or History channel where they describe and show, a large machine that humans enter in through the top and closes around their neck. What the machine does is fill with water and somehow relieve gas bubbles from joint health, however the machine was abandon for use by astronauts because of the claims of their strict regiment sign up fitness requirements, it only made their joints stiffen and give them loss of mobility.

I’m looking for any direct reference information to find that program, or even the name of the machine, manufacture, if it is still used in some hospitals possibly, stuff of that nature to the effect, reference, I’ve been searching for some time, contacted NASA twice and they referred me to a lot of not readily noticeable web information of theirs but I’ve not found the original program or any lead to the mention. Any help would be much appreciated if you know what I’m talking about or the title of a program talking about it that I can further investigate for personal medical reasons.

-Nick Forystek


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by J Kizito · 2008 · Cited by 12 — Formation of vapor and gas bubbles and voids is normal ... fluids cure to their permanent form to create a mechanical ... in the joint bonding.

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Missing: jointhealthjacket

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16 Jun 2020 — voids or gas bubbles, oxygen or oxide inclusions, carbide particles, and other lattice defects. Hydrogen can be trapped.

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Oct 16, 2021
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I think the first link is along the lines of what the concerns were and why they used this machine, but it was abandon in like early NASA, 60's possibly. It is all a one Earth thing. The astronauts got in at the top and a bod like enclosure seals leaving their head sticking out looking like their on a carnival ride, or George Jetsons conveyor belt ride on the intro to The Jetsons, Bigger though, and it fills with water and I think the only thing that happens is variant expanding of balloons and possibly salts in the balloon or added to the water, maybe prehand a expanded balloon that deflates after adding salt to the water. I'm not too sure, but the first link I think describes generally a same joint issue but more so pertaining to while in space then. This was just on Earth therapy. Thanks though that gives me keywords I didn't have able search on. "joint gas,"
"stiff joints" it's not so general if I'm sarcastic.