Question Is it only me, or does the solar system and the atoms seem similar?

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Jul 30, 2021
what meaning, if any, is there supposed to be in this?
It's just human nature, like seeing shapes in the clouds. I find that when you talk to people about science immediately downplaying something they find interesting is a real good way to kill their interest.

We live in a universe of spiraling star systems and galaxies, and we're made of matter composed of electrons spiraling around clumps of mass. People are inevitably going to sense something 'deep' there even if the forces at work are completely different.
Mar 29, 2021
What is the connection between the torus and the atom?
Cat :)
rotating magnetic torus
:oops:sorry, iconic thinking.
I haven't the math to describe it.
multiple 'energy' fields (torusses? torii?)
rotating at right angles(?) to each other
interacting with (misnamed) dark matter/energy
resulting in gravity(?)
dependent on number of interactions:
greater mass~higher gravity . . .hmm...
that would open some intriguing possibilities.... ♾️
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Jul 22, 2021
"Is it only me, or does the solar system and the atoms seem similar?"

"It's just human nature, like seeing shapes in the clouds."

That about sums it up.

I agree; the solar system and atoms are two very different things.

We’ve seen that the BOHR modelling and initial diagrammatic representations and ways it were taught in high school have been misleading and we can now see the reality of the differences between the two.

Whilst they seem similar but aren’t actually the same constituents or angular momentum features or forces etc, there are still some similarities from a broader perspective:

- a central point (nucleus and sun)
- things in orbit around that central point (electrons, planets)
- forces making it all happen (electromagnetism, gravity)
- central point makes up same mass of the total area (nucleus=99.9% of total mass in atom, sun=99.8% of total mass in solar system)
- there are many of them (a very large number for the number of atoms to exist, and we don’t know how many solar or planetary systems exist, at least 100billion some think)

Whilst there are differences (electrons vs planets, electromagnetism vs gravity, different orbital momentum)we know the actual correct representation of the atom is in fact very different, there are some similarities from a broader perspective

They don’t look exactly the same and have different constituents and forces at play etc, but have some broader similarities

"Is it only me, or does the solar system and the atoms seem similar?"

They have noticeable differences and have broader similarities

Thank you 😊


The devil is in the detail
If you are addressing me, "noticeable differences and broader similarities" means just about sweet nothing. Since there is no real connection whatsoever between planets circling the Sun and electrons in an atom, that is not surprising.

Cat :)


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