James Webb Should Have A Safe Trip

Mar 17, 2020
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With NASA warning that the space telescope has over 300 ways to die is not a good sign for the upcoming launch. I have previously wrote that a system this expensive is just not worth the risk for launching without serviceability. I was hoping that SpaceX (or someone else) is able to fly to the Lagrange Point and permit servicing as in the case for Hubble. Maybe contact Elon Musk and see if that is feasible. So at over $10 billion in development costs over 24 years, a huge loss is upon us. All it takes is a camera or two to be out of focus, or a mirror section or solar panel out of alignment or not fully extended to make the telescope useless. I am sure other folks are thinking the same way.
Apr 16, 2021
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I hope that the propeller heads at NASA have the wisdom to do the hardware checkouts in LEO (low Earth orbit) before giving the go ahead for JWT to proceed to the L2 point.