James Webb Space Telescope instrument experiences glitch — but observatory remains in 'good health'

Aug 27, 2023
Still, this is concerning....I do not know why the JWST will end in approx 10 yrs+....they could have given it more fuel...& don't tell me about gravity & weight stuff.

Space is so dangerous...just a collage of dust chips....could really kill JWST....Let's hope not. One thing it will prove...life is not so common as we once thought....it is a special gift of science & spirit, working together, I believe.....intelligent life will prove even much more rare than we thought as well. Do you realize what all has got to come together just in the right amounts & just at the right time for intelligent life to begin?.....I think the odds against intelligent life developing in the universe are much more incredibly higher than we think now.....2nd question is.....once developed.....how long before it ends??