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Laser propulsion system - is it possible to tack?

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The devil is in the detail
"Two dimensional is interesting, if you look at it like a sheet of paper. You see one side and another side, but when turned sideways it doesn't exist, it has no depth."

Clovis, what about a Moebius strip? You know, half a turn and gum the ends together.'
Just follow along the surface - there is only one, however much you think there are two.

Cat :)
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May 25, 2021
"Interesting, so now your talking about Dimensions. And the possibility of a Fifth."

No. I am talking alternate universes. which, I have to say, I consider unlikely and probably the worst sort of SF. However, there are probably 57 varieties, some worse than others.

My take is simply alternatives in this Universe. End of.

Cat :)
I think it's unlikely also.