Leonardo DiCaprio: How comet-themed 'Don't Look Up' shows climate crisis as an emergency

Oct 18, 2021
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"the larger message about how science gets politicized " -- if it involves money and personal liberty, it will involve a nonviolent power struggle, which is what politics is.
Given we have a serious climate problem, having it as a background element in fiction that is set in the future - and the present too - is reasonable. Near future tales where there is no climate problem are starting to look like unbelievable fantasy.
I can, again, do some warning too in answer to your continued warnings that completely ignore the nature of the state over mankind you would inevitably create:

Religious zealotry in favor of political tyranny surrounding a natural phenomenon once more. Would be human controllers trying to tell us we have no choice once more. A tighter and ever tighter bind of controls controlling human life. Liberty and freedoms handed over to an inevitably growing authoritarian state control (inevitably greased more and evermore to slide into totalitarianism), is flat out tyranny -- flat out exempted elite overlords, lording power over a world of serfs (a world of slaves to the "Brave New World" state). Tyranny is a deadly cause of natural friction. Natural friction is natural resistance. Natural resistance is the Chinese phenomenon of "a war of a thousand little cuts" to the controlling world state.

It is the Biblical movie "The Ten Commandments" and Charlton Heston playing "Moses" all over again telling Yul Brenner playing the king of Egypt, "Let my people go (or else)!" It is Patrick Henry telling the British king all over again, "Give me liberty, or give me death!" The would-be tyranny thinks it's got it made via a naturally occurring phenomenon in a closed world state it has kept closed against frontier "Exodus" . . . and will continue to keep closed against frontier "Exodus," so to better control mankind.

Even if the zealots were right about human psychology in general (which, again, they aren't), they are dead wrong about nature and the naturally occurring ('Murphy's Law' accident prone) cold / hot war of "a thousand little cuts" already in progress the world over between the people and the ever-tightening elitist world state over the people (just a slightly different version of Aldous Huxley's Utopianistic "A Brave New World" mixing with George Orwell's "1984" and the animalism of his "Animal Farm"). They can't possibly sustain any kind of positive equilibrium in a natural closed world system (an Earth shrunken in all its various kinds of distances by a humanity so grown in energies and complexities as to require divisions -- as to require expansion and going nova -- into space frontier). That naturally closed world systemic problem hugely assisted in this case by having been since the 1960s, and by still being today, an "iron curtain" closed world system . . . against all opening of frontier for life's "Exodus" (for life going nova -- expansionist -- in space colonies and space colonization.

The zealots' wish for a controlled mankind (no matter how benevolent they would hope and want that environmental / human control state to be), first before frontier opening, is nothing less than a death wish (than civilization, and probably the environmental world itself, being on suicide watch). There are people who have not the slightest understanding of freedom and would be free people. They have no understanding of why tyrannies collapse their reach and control (shrink in their reach and control) the more and harder they attempt control.