It's still only SciFi, it would have to involve some sort of magnetism. Magleve is real, but there's still a metal track.
It's not going to be able to run along a highway. Maybe this is for the gravity folks to figure out. Reverse gravity ?
How would it be able to turn or maneuver?
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In the movies like the 5th Element, Total Recall , the remake. They were very prominent. But at times SciFi does gets far ahead of itself. It would be nice though, no more tiers to go flat. Imagine the off road applications. Not to mention shipping.
Teleportation, imagine how that would change things. You want to go see your grandmother in Boston, and you are in Dallas.
Zap, there you are at a station in Boston. 🙂 Just make sure they're aren't any flies in there lol.
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No, I do not believe that UFOs exist. However, I do like to play around a bit with 'higher dimensions', usually making sure that it is 'tongue in cheek'.

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Amen to that, I still believe those who have been seen are home grown. A lot of strange stuff goes on at Area 51 and WSMR.
Boeing is useing white sands to land their starship space capsule. If they ever get it off the ground.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
We have Magleve on some trains. But basicly we still rely on our atmosphere for flight. Besides rockets but they are mostly
for space flight. Vehicles that hover off the ground, it would revolutionize travel . Any suggestions?"

This was OP's question.

Since there is no way to reduce friction in space, I suppose we can only look towards improvements in propulsion - more bangs per buck - in terms of more thrust per mass of fuel carried, or, ultimately, some conversion of solar/stellar energy, although this may reside within the realms of SF for some time yet.

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