Life as we know it may have its roots in an old, cold cosmic cloud

Interesting report. Perhaps this is the kick start for abiogenesis. Seems a long way from 1871 Charles Darwin with the warm little pond or his 1882 letter where nothing worthwhile was shown for abiogenesis creating life from non-life. Then we have reports like this too, another hope in the galaxy for life evolving somewhere, other than here on Earth.

I just read this report,

"Our search for life beyond Earth is still in its infancy. We're focused on Mars and, to a lesser extent, ocean moons like Jupiter's Europa and Saturn's Enceladus. Should we extend our search to cover more unlikely places like molecular clouds?"

It seems Charles Darwin warm little pond in 1871 can now be extended in the cold gas clouds of space, perhaps a good place for abiogenesis to work too (or not).
Molecular clouds can certainly have large volumes at STP, liquid water can't be ruled out. One thing lacking is UV to make it all happen. These would be very dense and dark. Maybe cosmic rays could get the party going?

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