Light speed

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May 10, 2021
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Great, just so you know frequency is measured in Hz, not Hz/s. The old unit was "cycles per second". Hertz replaced that 1-1-1960.

Correct, a 60 Hz wave is 5 million meters.
Billslugg, I appreciate the information that the Hertz was introduced in 19?? Since Hertz had made a contribution (discovery of radio waves) that has a massive impact on lives in the twenty-first century, the internet, mobile phones, television, radio etc., However, your statement that Hertz does not refer to cycles per second implying that the term Hertz stands alone, is wrong. The hertz (symbol: Hz) is the unit of frequency in the International System of Units (SI), equivalent to one event (or cycle) per second. The hertz is an SI derived unit whose expression in terms of SI base units is s−1, meaning that one hertz is the reciprocal of one second. (Wikipedia)
The accepted wisdom is that pictures are better than words. I have made a video introducing my theory the Gestalt
I like your point of view and all the video you made and I know that from a long time that all scientists of the world say that when electron change its level it emits photon. I like their way but my way and my new theory will change the world forever.

It is not the way that electrons emit photon and they are in domination because they have mass and it is the photons that change the electrons level by its photon energy. For me it is the photon that come over the electron to change its level once emitted. It is the photon in the beginning of the universe that explose the black hole dark matter with its dark photons. It is in the beginning of time that dark energy is there eternally before the creation of dark matter.

It is the dark energy of dark photons that create the dark matter and by the energy of photons the electrons change its level and make molecules. It is by the energy of the massless photons the atoms are made "Masses"

Emptiness "darkness" is in light and not light is in emptiness.

The photons Light propagates in absolute emptiness to create gravity like when it comes to the black hole to create its gravity made by its vacuum propagation in extreme condensed quantity "quanta energy" to generate the matter from the black hole Quasar.

The Light could be found outside this world outside that expansion in the multiverse and in our dreams. The light is eternity. There is nothing after or before it. It is simply there and everywhere. Simple as it is.

The dark energy is made by Light when it propagates by its own constant speed C=π theory and E=C=π

The photon particle also posses a tiny epsilon black hole inside in its n-1Dimesnion and spherical in its nD where we can not even zoom in because we will come back forward. It is a loop cycle of Light. The Light is a wave and particles and the same time. But when it is propagate in extreme quantity in space it made a loop for incarnation cycle of life. From where it goes in infinity it returns and when it is condensed in higher quanta they explose the star and the star die in inverse and it become a black hole it rips the space and holes in to make the black hole and once the information data is on the way it penetrates the tunnel of space time to generate the matter and all the planet of that galaxy is made and matter is popped up from nowhere all around catched by its extreme gravity that light have made. The same apply in the big bang of time, the light was there before the big bang and eternally dark energy dwells "dark photons". Furthermore, black holes are connected by tunnels of space time to another world called multiverse where light eternally is there.

Electrons are the half mirror spins of photons.
Electrons spin 1/2 but photon have full cycle 1 spin, massless and they have extreme energy called "Dark Energy" by virtue because they have an irrational constant speed that doesn't end which is π Mm/Cs

We see light when the photons generate matter by its energy "change electrons level to be emitted" and make the electrons jump to another level and the light become dark photons and enter the dark mode in the atoms where light make the photons reflected into our eyes and we see that color light RGB of that medium matter.

Light has also a memory that never dies that could be called Energy data information.

IN THE END, the light doesn't stop its own constant irrational speed to zero when it hits mirror then it goes up its speed level to reach C into our eyes. (check the link below mirror part) . The light when it hits mirror it becomes dark photons deactivated in darkness than inversely the photons is popped up reflecting the light to our eyes.

Light Reflection inside Mirror

In the end photon is smaller than proton and smaller than electron and they dwell inside the atomic nucleus "uud" of quarks elements in the dark mode. The more you have energy source the more the light could be seen and vice versa.

Check below all the concept of DARK ENERGY


The Light could be also darkness itself because it is invisible and once it touch the matter dust by its energy it change the electrons level to emit itself from that datkness and stay activated in its full cycle spiral spin to be seen. It is the smallest element in nature and the biggest one at the same time. It could be here, it could be there and everywhere. (When you direct a laser beam in dark space you can not see it , it is called dark photons but you see it if it touch dust or any medium)

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How if we captivate Light inside a spherical Medium reflective focal core we will create a BLACK HOLE

it is by the speed of light DARK ENERGY "fusion & fission at the same time" we erase the matter
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