Announcement LIVE TODAY: NASA previews ISS Spacewalks! Come watch with us!

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Oct 10, 2019
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🚀 Live Briefing from NASA: Spacewalks outside the ISS! 🚀
Today (Feb. 24th, 2021) at 2PM EST, we'll be watching a live briefing from NASA, detailing two upcoming spacewalks. One astronaut (Soichi Noguchi) and two NASA flight engineers (Kate Rubins and Victor Glover) will be conducting the spacewalks in order to upgrade systems on the ISS.

Rubins and Glover will set out first on Feb. 28th. Then, Rubins and Noguchi will take on the second walk on March 5th.

The briefing starts in one hour, come watch with us! We'll be tuning in to the actual spacewalks here on this thread so you can join us then as well :D



"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Just for a little humour, around 1950 something, Dan Dare in the Eagle (leading space comic story of its day) tried to impress the Lords of Titan (iirc) whom he thought susceptible to flattery. The baddie (from Earth of course) said something like "Ignore him, he is only the driver of a spaceship".

No disrespect intended. Just to show that today's heroes, from a future perspective, might be regarded as normal people doing an ordinary job.

Congratulatons to Soichi Noguchi, Kate Rubins and Victor Glover). I admit that being suspended that far above the planet would scare the whatever out of me. I get collywobbles just looking at someone climbing tall rocks without ropes and pietons (or even with them).

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Jul 27, 2021
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Extravehicular activities are fascinating, dizzying.

With all research and scientific contribution from the ISS, grasping and encapsulating vast ranges of history, events, ranges, human ages and courage.

‘Planet Earth is blue’ - good to see eyes kept closely on Earth from over there still.
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