Long March 3C - BeiDou-2 Compass-G4 - 2010.Oct.31

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http://www.nasaspaceflight.com : Chinese Long March 3C launches with BeiDou-2
October 31st, 2010

by Rui C. Barbosa


China has launched the sixth satellite in their growing navigation system on Sunday, via the launch of their Long March 3C (Chang Zheng-3C) launch vehicle, carrying the BeiDou-2 Compass-G4 satellite. The launch of took place from the Xi Chang Satellite Launch Center, in Sichuan Province at 16:26UTC on October 31.

http://www.cgwic.com : LM 3C
The development of LM-3C is on the basis of LM-3A launch vehicle and starts simultaneously with LM-3B. The same module design is adopted on LM-3C as LM-3A and LM-3B. Inheriting the successful experiences of LM-3A and LM-3B, LM-3C will have the perfect adaptability and reliability. It is mainly used for launching spacecraft for GTO mission.

LM-3C Structure

1. Payload Faring
2. Payload
3. Payload Adapter
4. Vehicle Equipment Bay
5. LH2 Tank
6. LOX Tank
7. Inter-stage Section
8. Third Stage Engine
9. Oxidizer Tank
10. Inter-tank Section
11. Fuel Tank
12. Second Stage Vernier Engine
13. Second Stage Engine
14. Inter-stage Truss
15. Oxidizer Tank
16. Fuel Tank
17. First Stage Engine
18. Strap-on Booster Cone
19. Strap-on Booster Oxidizer Tank
20. Strap-on Booster Fuel Tank
21. Strap-on Booster Engine

Wiki : Long March 3C


Launch video:
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