Looking for some good tabletop space games for January


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Oct 10, 2019
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Okay so, part of my january healthy thing is to go out less, so its BOARD GAME NIGHT time.

Any good suggestions for space themed tabletop games (RPG's/dnd style works too!) throw them at me!

Dwight Huth

Oct 22, 2019
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I am not sure there are any.lol! I don't know maybe they have a star wars monopoly or something.

You could always develop your own board game. Something similar to chess where you have the standard pieces. But as each piece moves across the board and survives longer it gains more power. For example a pawn moving five squares without getting captured would gain five hit points. When it came up against a Bishop for example a roll would be made over three turns during standard combat to determine who wins based on hit points lost. During those three turns of combat other pieces could be moved into the fight as well. Something similar to Dungeon and Dragons roll mechanics plus Magic the Gathering card game for each piece.

The chess board would have to be enlarged though where numerous levels could be built into the bottom board similar to 3 dimensional chess from Star Trek.

Just because a Bishop is deemed to be royalty doesn't mean sh_t to the pawn working its way up.
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Jan 12, 2020
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There are actually quite a lot of space-related games out there. One that I found particularly interesting was Apollo XIII, which has players simulating the events of the Apollo 13 difficulties and attempting to get the astronauts safely home.

Another I'd like to tell you about is Astronomy Fluxx by Looney Labs (I work for them). It just released January 9th, and is an entertaining and educational card game featuring beautiful NASA photography on black backgrounds and a fun game mechanism where the rules are constantly changing... in Fluxx. I hope you'll give it a try!

If you prefer sci-fi, we have several versions of Fluxx for Star Trek fans--Original Series, Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine, with Voyager coming out later this year. But the coolest game we have for Star Trek fans is Star Trek: Chrono-Trek, a time travel game that covers the entire Star Trek universe!

We've also got Firefly Fluxx and Space Fluxx (a spoof on a variety of space TV shows and movies). We're a little heavy on space related titles because our founders, Kristin and Andy Looney, used to be NASA engineers.

Finally, if you'd like to find a LOT more space-related games, I suggest going to boardgamegeek.com and typing "space" or "astronomy" or "astronaut" into the search. There are dozens to choose from. Enjoy!

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