Massive underground laboratory in China joins the quest to find dark matter

If DM particles are zooming through everything around us,
think about the gravitational stress that puts on atoms, molecules and structure everywhere.
That would mean many chemical reactions, mircrofractures of structure would be as a direct result of DM actions.
Yes, the DM particles are all around us, no they don't have much impact. Their density is too low to notice them. The density of regular matter in the volume of the Solar System inside Earth's orbit is 10^22 times the density of DM. The effects of DM cannot be seen on a scale as small as the Solar System.
DM particles aren't massless neutrinos. Each DM particle must carry significant mass which is DM's whole reason to be rationalized.
Gravity/mass has effects macroscopically as well as microscopicly.

This means chemistry understanding must incorporate gravity wakes caused by heavy DM particles that don't slow down for anything.
"DM particles aren't massless neutrinos" - Q
I didn't say they were massless, I said they were sterile. The posited neutrino that might make up DM is known as a sterile neutrino. It has mass just like the other neutrinos but it does not interact with matter via the weak force like a regular neutrino does.

The forces involved in interatomic bonding are so much greater than any forces due to DM, that DM impact is negligible. DM is only significant on galactic scales. No measurement of it can be made locally, that is inside the Solar System.
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Everything around us would be vibrating with all the DM gravity wakes as these unstoppable particles shoot all through everywhere.
Everything would be shaking.

Correct. But the magnitude is too small to measure in a laboratory. Too small to measure in the Solar System. Only by looking at things the size of a galaxy can we measure it.
Everything vibrates
& it's called heat.

The heat of 'cold dark matter'.

Hmm, that's got a ring to it.
Not sure I can agree, but I have to like because that energy relationship of vibration and heat, to whatever temperature, could very well be right. It takes energy to force temperature to either extreme of hot or cold from equilibrium. Or . . . equally but oppositely entropically coalesce two possibly ever present fundamentally opposing extremes to a third existence of equilibrium. Seems like a nice complex and chaotic ever present transference entry to energy and entropy. Forest and tree. Tree and seed. Chicken and egg.
To avoid any vibrations DM particles always balance their movements with a paired partner either side of any visible matter coordinated with a twin pair approaching from the opposite direction so they always cancel each other out to avoid any vibrations,

and their stupendous ongoing ballet of coordination is not a mathematical impossibility!

I can hear the symphony!

Like the fog DM particles slip around on little cat paws,
perfectly silent and impossible to notice.

Completely indistinguishable from painting mass directly on space itself. Identicle to existential gravity.

How could I have been so blind!

thou art beautiful to conceive and behold!

Just breath taking....
Dark Matter is not matter but gives rise to matter and My articles in upcoming issues of JWAS will carry details.
I plan to post them on arXiv soon.
Meantime vibrations and heat are properties of matter expressed of as energy units frequency and wavelength etc.
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