In the quest to find alien life, scientists are searching for extrasolar Earth-Jupiter duos

"This catalog is the first of its kind and an unprecedented opportunity to explore the diversity of planetary systems that are out there with things that are like the solar system, but not exactly the solar system, and it gives us a chance to rewrite the story of how the planets form," Lauren Weiss, team leader and an assistant professor at The University of Notre Dame, said in a statement. "The science question that I’ve been trying to answer over the past decade is: Of the other small planets like Earth that are out there, which of them have Jupiter siblings? Because this might be an important characteristic to look for, if we want to figure out where to find life." "Watching 'wobbly stars' to spot far-out planets
Weiss and colleagues built the catalog by using data collected by the W. M. Keck Observatory located on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, to record the radial velocities —  the speed at which an object moves away from Earth  —  of 63 sun-like stars that are known to collectively host 157 small planets."

I did not see the catalog link in the report or the statement cited. The exoplanets are easy to find various stars and exoplanets now.