May 2020 launches, questions.

May 3, 2020
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New member and first proper post on forum.

I've been checking out as much as I can about the next launches; 7th May & 27th May. Starlink 8, Dragon.

Basic questions maybe but.
Live online webcasts/footage. Not sure if NASA & SpaceX have their own seperate feeds? Best option for live viewing of launch, mission, return.​
On board camera angles going to be live? Separate feed?​
OCISLY, is this in use for 7th May? 1st stage return landing, again multiple camera angles are these live feed?​
Ditto 27th May.​
Is there a proper convention for the Starlink sequence. Not helpful with different sources referring to either Starlink 7 or 8.​
Was going to ask how to record the live feeds in case any if those 'whoa, what just floated past' moments happen. Guess others will have that covered.​

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