Michio Kaku doesn't picture infinities of universe mergers....

I watched the video of famous Michio Kaku telling like it is concerning the near century old Big Bang Theory. And he is right in what he had to say, but probably lost and ignorant of the solution to the problem like so many others.

He doesn't picture in his mind's eye physics infinities of universes always in shift and thus infinities of universe mergers occurring at all times and thus throughout eternities of time. If he did, he would realize [an all told] Infinite Multiverse Universe and cosmological constant of Planck Big Bang (Black) Hole in collapsed constant Horizon of all horizons of shift. We may just realize the shadows in shadow horizons going away we realize as dark matter and energy (incoming), whatever . . . and in visible redshift that rides the surface of space and time and will never be complete . . . will always be "incomplete information and communication."

He should never forget that with a closed -- a closing -- system you cannot and will not escape an open -- an opening -- system, two sides of one coin of a primal / fundamental binary base2 (fbb2 (0|1 unity)) singularity. You won't escape gravity, nor the Big 'G' in 'Horizon'. The Mirror Universe and more (Multiverse). Think mergers and resulting ever-continuing creation, an ever-continuing constant coin singularity of systemic opening and closing, not Creation.

Oh, well...!
We would see it as two distant horizons, a collapsed constant horizon of constant creation (Planck Big Bang), thus also constant destruction (Planck (Black) Hole), once again the two sides -- the two entities -- of a single coin (a singularity) . . . and one horizon simply of 'continuance' to no end. An Infinite Multiverse Universe.
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