More than 12,000 apply to become an astronaut for NASA's 'Artemis Generation'

Dec 11, 2019
It's no doubt that depending on any government agency is delusional and a vast mistake. The government is very good at killing people that is about it. We have no problems when it comes to taken out other countries with the war machine and killing our own people with the Medical Mafia with the government revolving door. Hey but when the veterans come home from the wars the government sure isn't there to help them. They will drug them up though that's about it.
Dec 1, 2019
They say that consciousness lags behind the material conditions of society. We even of the twenty-first century still live in an earlier epoch, and have a comfort zone of not being a space fairing society; for in every respect we are not. Our day to day reality is Earth based, with a few people (astronauts) going beyond our earthly domain. Artemis will succeed in landing some more who will once again go to the moon and gather rocks, but are we really prepared to stay there for the long haul? Are we really prepared to have people live there permanently, like having one million people live on the moon? Having city on Luna with research institutes, libraries, museums, restaurants, movie house, hotels/motels and Holiday Inns? The largest employers may be aerospace, but you have to have the infrastructure in order to support the city; the utilities of any modern metropolis. This takes years of planning and knowing who is going to build what. There may be water ice on the moon, but how do you get it in the supply chain where it is needed. How do you produce the air needed for the inhabitants? On Earth air is free for all, but there is no air on the moon. Who pays for it, and how do you deliver it? What about food? How do they feed themselves, We want the Lunatics to be self sufficient, but we on Earth live in a global economy. Commerce and trade must extend to the outer planets for we as a species is to grow and mature into what a space fairing society should look like by the twenty-fourth century.
May 8, 2020
The first thing I notice is that space suits are not up to specs . there should be a competition to design them. the reason they are cancelled is that like you said there is no reason to go there. unless there was a very good reason to go there, like line of sight to earth with a massive giant piece of technology at your disposal to use for purposes they may not listed here.