Mysterious blasts of radiation might stem from our universe's most extreme stars

Apr 15, 2020
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I have a simpler explanation. It is said that if you drop a grain of sand onto a Neutron Star, because of the intense gravity, the grain of sand will be accelerated to near the speed of light by the time it hits the surface. When that grain of sand hits, it will hit with the force of several Hydrogen bombs. What would happen if a 100 LB rock were to fall onto a Neutron Star? Maybe what we are seeing is the rocks mater being turned into Nuclear Pasta.
Yes, your model is correct. A magnetar is a rapidly rotating neutron star with extreme gravity. Any thing can fall upon it and experience extreme heating due to the conversion of gravitational potential energy into heat. Unfortunately the star is wrapped tightly by magnetic field lines. Charged particles cannot cross lines of magnetic force, they must flow along the lines. There are but two spots the hot gas can emerge, these are at the poles where the magnetic field lines lead outward.
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