Mysterious moonquake traced to Apollo 17 lunar lander base

"Triangulating the origin of the mystery quakes, researchers surprisingly realized they came from the Apollo 17 lunar lander base, which expands and vibrates each morning as it becomes heated by the sun.

"Every lunar morning when the sun hits the lander, it starts popping off," Allen Husker, a Caltech research professor of geophysics who worked on the project, said in a statement. "Every five to six minutes another one, over a period of five to seven Earth hours. They were incredibly regular and repeating."

I think there may be a movie parallel here (perhaps). Moonfall :)
Can't we test it? Put a module in a chamber and see if the module springs with light and heat. What is the duration of dawn on the moon. What is the rate of temp change?

Maybe we should shield remaining debris from future missions. A speckled moon.

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