Mystery particle may explain extreme X-rays shooting from the 'Magnificent 7' stars

Indeed, this looks like an intriguing report. I note near the end, "We're not claiming that we've made the discovery of the axion yet, but we're saying that the extra X-ray photons can be explained by axions," Raymond Co, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Minnesota who collaborated on the study, said in the statement. "It is an exciting discovery of the excess in the X-ray photons, and it's an exciting possibility that's already consistent with our interpretation of axions." The next step, Safdi said, is to look for axions in white dwarfs, another set of stars that shouldn't emit X-rays. "This starts to be pretty compelling that this is something beyond the Standard Model if we see an X-ray excess there, too," he said."

However, note there are other reports out on axion searches that come up empty. Here are some recent reports. 'Search for axions from nearby star Betelgeuse comes up empty',

'Searching for axion dark matter conversion signals in the magnetic fields around neutron stars',

'Astrophysicist probes cosmic 'dark matter detector',

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