Mystery solved? Dust cloud caused Betelgeuse star's weird dimming, study finds

AHHHHHH! Let's go Betelgeuse, stop fooling around. I been waiting years for you to go supernova and now it seems I'll go "boom" before you. To use a trite but now newly popular exclamation "Come on man", my time's a wasting waiting on you.
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Some other reports are connecting the dots from Betelgeuse dust to new planets and life evolving in the universe :)

"The dust expelled from cool evolved stars, such as the ejection we've just witnessed, could go on to become the building blocks of terrestrial planets and life," added Emily Cannon of Belgian university KU Leuven, who was also involved in the study."

Here is some info on dust possible evolving into planets.

Protoplanetary disk masses in NGC 2024: Evidence for two populations,, August 2020. 179 disks are documented in this open cluster with dust.

The puzzle of protoplanetary disk masses,, December 2019 This reviews some ALMA dust and disk surveys around stars Chemistry in protoplanetary disks: the gas-phase CO/H2 ratio and the carbon reservoir,, July 2015. This report documents the canonical dust and gas mass ratios as dust mass ratio about 10^-4 host star mass. So for the Sun, about 33 earth masses of dust and 3300 earth masses of gas in the solar nebula disk that evolved into planets and people on Earth 😊
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