NASA test-fires its SLS megarocket booster for future moon missions (video)

Jun 16, 2020
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The SLS/Artemis program has become a delayed, bloated, and wasteful joke. They have blown their budget again and now costs are over $9 billion? And this factors in that they are building and testing boosters out of leftover Shuttle boosters. And the "new" booster is supposed to be 3.6 million pounds of thrust, while the configuration of the booster on the Shuttle could reach 3.3 million pounds. And considering that the "new" (recycled/hybrid) boosters will be non-recoverable after launch and will just splash down and sink to the bottom of the ocean, this is not a sexy look for NASA at all.

I wouldn't mind seeing them just pull the plug and help subsidize SpaceX with some of that $9+ billion bloat. Chances are, Starship will have already made several laps around the Moon and even Mars before SLS/Artemis gets off the ground.