NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars just climbed its steepest slope yet (and snapped a selfie)

Mar 29, 2020
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Of course it should be free...Hollywood execs have for a long time gotten huge tax perks from government to push war propaganda and its no different now....why pay twice when tax dollars have effectively covered it. Wish they would pick a different series than star trek to corrupt with their hare-brained fantasies Socialism and pacifism are the only way by which humanity will ever see a tecnologically advanced future. We have just began to harness nuclear energy in the last 100 years and are on the knife's edge to annihilation in allowing capitalism and imperialism to take hold. Does anyone seriously think a civilization with even 1% of the technology in these movies that was even 1% as violent, selfish, and greedy as we are today would last more than a week?
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