NASA's Ingenuity helicopter aced an 'absolutely beautiful flight' on Mars. Here's the video.

Oct 21, 2019
A great technical achievement by NASA! :) One thing I don't think has been mentioned is whether the microphone on board the Perseverence rover was able to pick up any sound from Ingenuity during its flight. The long rotor blades rotating at very high rpm would have produced some sound, but the question is how far would it travel in the thin Martian atmosphere. If they didn't detect any audio on this flight then they may on subsequent flights if the helicopter flies a bit closer to the rover, watch (or rather listen to) this space......
Apr 20, 2021

To Babylonians, Ptolemy and me
The night sky was a glittering sea.
They called them all stars
But (including Mars)
These “observers” were startled to see…

That charting their heavenly courses
And imagining bears, crabs and horses
They moved thru the seasons
But for confounding reasons
Some obeyed differing forces.

They called them “Wandering Stars”.
(We know planets are now what they are.)
But since we conquered the moon,
Who’d have thought that so soon,
From THEIR face we might look back at ours.

And radio lag notwithstanding,
The machine indeed lived thru its landing,
But a plan to research
From an aerial perch
Was at one time beyond understanding.

Over six years a drone flight was planned
Could it take off and land on command?
NASA asked it to fly
And did it comply?

Copyright © Ken Rone | Year Posted 2021
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