NASA's Juno probe detects organic compounds on huge Jupiter moon Ganymede

I note from the paper cited,

"The surface composition of icy satellites, beyond the ubiquitous presence of water ice, is an outstanding question with important implications. The composition can provide clues to the origin and evolution of the body, and thus may set the stage for habitability. Subsurface liquid water oceans, when present, may interact with the icy surfaces above, directly bearing on ocean habitability and detection of possible tracers of extraterrestrial life." routinely features this theme that life evolves from non-living matter, somewhere perhaps but still the reports come up short. Here are some recent examples.

Scientists propose 'missing' law for the evolution of everything in the universe,

Dwarf planet Ceres could be a great place to hunt for alien life. Here's why,

Since Charles Darwin wrote his 1882 letter, still looking for confirmation of non-living matter evolving into life, here, there, or somewhere.