New AI algorithm can detect signs of life with 90% accuracy. Scientists want to send it to Mars

With AI one has to be very careful it hasn't found a 'shortcut' that exists in a given sample set, but not in the Universe at large.

So call me interested, but highly skeptical.

AI is pure blind black boxing without any theory to foundate it.

The real fear with AI is over enthusiastic humans deploying it in critical infrastructure and only finding out its shortcomings through catastrophe.

People want 'magic bullets',
including me.
'Magic' is theory free practice.
And that is the identical definition of current AI.
Sep 28, 2023
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Yeah this is not AI. It's frustrating to see journalists ignorant of what AI is and simply using the new cool buzzword. This is just an algorithm. Most definitions of AI are algorithms that will modify themselves based on the datasets provided to it. This algorithm is static and therefore not AI.


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