New Horizons

Oct 26, 2019
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The spacecraft New Horizons was launched Jan. 19 2006 on a mission to fly by the, at the time, farthest planet out located in the kuiper belt. Pluto. New Horizons reached Pluto and its closest approach on July 14th 2015. It all started with a dream that was chased and eventually achieved.
FYI, I use Starry Night program and uses it too. I checked this morning. New Horizons space probe ephemeris is in Starry Night and the program shows the space probe is some 46 au now from Earth - moving out to the vast distances of space :) New Horizons rises above the horizon for me near 1253 EDT and sets near 2238 EDT today. Starry Night shows apparent magnitude +43.11, very faint :)
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