One week until the spectacular 'ring of fire' annular solar eclipse!

Go outside durimng the eclipse even if you have no way of protecting your eyes from direct observation. Look instead at the circles of light on the ground from trees.
Yes it is weird to see all of those spots of sunlight turn into little images of the eclipse.

But, those images are not very clear, since they are usually or a rough surface.

A cheap but safe way to see the eclipse using the same principle is to get a cardboard box with plenty of room to put your head inside, put a small hole in the middle of one side and a piece of paper on the inside of the box, opposite the hole. When facing AWAY from the sun, with your head in the box and the small hole pointed toward the sun (BEHIND your head), you will see an image on the paper inside the box (provided you don't get your head in the way between the small hole and the paper). Some ask how big the hole in the box should be. It isn't critical. The bigger the hole, the brighter but less focus the image will be on the paper. And, the bigger the box, the bigger, but dimmer the image of the eclipse. The best sizes are usually something like the diameter of a thumb tack shaft (not the big part).

For a better description with pictures, see .

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