Pieces of Venus may be hiding on the moon

I have long wished for a search for similar Earth ejecta on the Moon that could help elucidate our planet history. This is added use.

And the Moon is now targeted for visits, including sample return, by various space agencies.

According to NASA parts of Elvis are also on the Moon.

One of the Moon rocks returned by the Apollo program was obviously felsic (like granite). According to NASA this rock was blown off of the Earth and landed on the Moon’s surface. To add to this incredible story an Astronaut would just happen to collect it.

NASA has been hiding the existence of interstellar asteroids (IA) which did produce the vast pools of basalt on the nearside of the Moon. IA also produce mantle plumes on both the Moon and Earth. The end product of some of these mantle plumes (after differentiation and partial melting) is felsic rocks like granite.

The felsic rock found on the Moon had originated on the Moon. The process that created minor granite on the Moon cannot exist without the melting produced by interstellar asteroids. NASA could not recognize IA or the mantle plumes that they can produce, so NASA lied. NASA said that the felsic rock had been blown out of Earth’s deep gravity well and that the Apollo Astronauts just happened to find it.