Planet names and proposed planets

The problem is where to draw the line between major planets and minor planets. There are not two distinct groups but an even distribution (plotted on a log log scale) from Jupiter all the way down to dust.
For our solar system, kinda already is. Body discoveries except the 8 planets are reported to At that site, everything is classified into asteroids and comets. But, the IAU has classified asteroids that have gotten roundish as dwarf planets (Ceres, for example) and the others that have not, as asteroids. The problem I see is that many asteroids were formerly comets that ran out of volatiles, and many asteroids farther out may be comets closer in. Pluto would be spectacular in Earth orbit.
It would be interesting to see what name a new planet in our solar system would receive! Any guesses?
My vote is for “George”. 😉

This is the name given by W. Herschel when he discovered the first planet by the modern world. (Actually it was “Georgium Sidus”). The French were unhappy and, 40 years later, “Uranus” became official. Ug.
I believe that was French astronomer Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier.
Yes, and he coined the name. This began the hunt (1859).

There were several amateur astronomers claiming to have seen something that might be Vulcan. But there was a somewhat prominent astronomer who claimed to have observed it. His name, IIRC, begins with an "M". I tried to find him in searches, but could not. I have a book, however, that gives great details on this story.

Vulcan had to be there to explain the slight anomaly in Mercury's orbit. Einstein solved it with his GR theory. It's a great lesson how hypotheses are always exposed to being proven false.