Question Poll - If Jupiter were to have a habitable moon, would you live on it?

If Jupiter were to have a habitable moon, would you live on it?

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I would, if I could, restrict a habitable moon of Jupiter to selected occupancy only. I.E.: I have this "little list" of politicians, assorted riff-raff, neighbors and in-laws which would comprise the colonists/ permanent residents. Most of this select group would be indifferent to the type of cuisine served on such a moon as long as someone else foots the bill.
It would be incredibly cold there. Now if Jupiter were to become a star it would be much differant. Scientist are saying it's almost there. A bit more mass and boom! We become a binary system.
Jun 8, 2021
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Unless Earth were completely uninhabitable due to global warming or an asteroid impact, I would definitely choose Earth over Jupiter's moons... although the experience would probably be very exciting, I would probably become very homesick.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Like everyone else (I think?) I have been concentrating on the outer SS moons when the Sun expands). But what about the planets? They are going to lose virtually all their H and He as the Sun warms them, and then the methane as well when it gets to Uranus and Neptune. They afawk have solid cores. Are they going to be water worlds as well?

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