Question Poll - If Jupiter were to have a habitable moon, would you live on it?

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If Jupiter were to have a habitable moon, would you live on it?

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Nov 21, 2019
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Jupiter system is antigravity systems, Jupiter as Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune as planets and all moons. For example 3 rings represent Earth, Biggest, middle and smallest ring. In Jupiter, AG system, smallest ring is outside and biggest in the center. Looking the surface of the moon in the Jupiter system, like you are looking at the stretched Earth core.
If it orbits Jupiter the Sun will only be visible intermittently and be small & far away at that.

One would have to live in artificial lighting.

Psychologically i wouldn't care for that.

If we mess this planet up bad enough it might be the only viable option.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
George, are you aware that there are long term adverse medical effects through spending extended periods on low gravity locations?

For example:

Cat :)
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No specifics were given. Just the big "IF". My interpretation of that "if" the conditions/environment of the moon which theoretically meets those requirements makes it habitable. which is why I said as a young rootless(?) man ...yes ... but now with my own extended family being as I likely won't be able to bring them along ...not likely