Having and deserving, possibly, a thread title of its own for 'look' and just in case someone wanted to take it up separately from the thread, "From a drop of water...." (#498)!:

Pointing, I hope, still works for nonduplication, shortness for a spinoff, and its own possible expansion if any. Plus if I want and/or need to do edits to the original, edits here to, at once (which I just did my first and it works crossing)!!!! Doing 'Quantum Entangling'- Verse ("quantum entanglement" (spooky action at any kind of distance . . . including additional editing)), don't you know.

"The endless and numberless avenues of bewildering pine woods gave him a queer feeling that he was driving through the countless corridors of a dream." -- G. K. Chesterton.
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