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Greetings space fans!

In an effort to provide you more options for connecting with our community we're pleased to introduce the option to register for our forums using Facebook.

You can register as a brand-new user with Facebook or connect an existing forum account to your Facebook profile with just a few button clicks!

Register as a new user:*
  • Click Register (top right corner of the forums).
  • In the Register box, click the Facebook button.

  • Your Facebook account will open and you'll click the Continue as button to connect with the forum.

  • Once this connection is in place you'll be asked to create a user name for the forums. User names must be unique, so you may need a few tries to find an available option.
  • After choosing a user name, click the Register button to complete the process.
Connect a FB profile to an existing forum account:*
  • While signed into your forum account, click the Settings option in the menu on the left side of the screen
  • With the Settings menu open, select Connected Accounts
  • Click the Associate with Facebook button to link your accounts

  • To disconnect your accounts, follow the steps above, then check the box to Disassociate your accounts.

*If you have more than one Facebook account, be sure to login to the account you want associated with our forum.
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