Review: Hectic Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Feels 'Forced'


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Oct 10, 2019
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Okay hands up, I actually really liked it. Was it a bit cheesey? Yes. Does it feel slightly exploitative of the OG 3? Yes, but all sequels tend to be. Did I laugh, cry and enjoy it - 100%.

A part of me thinks we'll never be truley satisfied with new Star Wars movies like we were with the original movies simply because we'll never be kids again. It's so hard to look at the new ones with that sense of wonder without analysing the CGI, thinking "well that's not the story I would have told" or compaing our fear of the new evil to how we felt hiding behind the couch when Vader came onscreen. Also, celebrity is so different now. I read an article recently about Daisy Ridley doing a bad interview and it did kind of spoil Rey for me too.

But I love Carrie so much, and with that score, those people and that world - I just loved it. It must have been so hard to end that saga. I hope they do more movies like Rouge One, and that the force will be with us, always. 😇