Rising sea levels could swamp the US coastline by 2050, NASA predicts

Nov 30, 2022
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I hope that I won't be censored because I might have a different opinion on how a "hair-on-fire" of a crisis that a future projected (30) year guess would cause that a 12" sea level rise is going to doom us all... I'll prefer to guess (if I'm allowed to do that also?) that humans will adapt and thrive, despite that 12" wall of water hitting us.

I just can't find the panic. I just can't comprehend the authority / total confidence that mankind can really (I mean really, either direction now) control the climate cycles of this very complex system of environment that we have around us. Let alone predict with such certitude, of future physical conditions more than even a month away... heck Weather.com can't do that with their billion-dollar IBM computer system today.
The 18.6 yr. oscillation in the lunar orbit (~ 5 deg.), apparently only contributes about 1" in sea level rise or fall, at least if I'm reading this graph correctly.

The IPCC has, over the years, greatly reduced the maximum temp. rise by the end of the century. I think it is now about 1/3 of the original ~8.5 C worst case scenario.

The melting of glaciers is very complicated and includes variables such as underwater geothermal activity. So, I am cautiously optimistic these figures reported are high.

It's very difficult to determine how much is solid science and how much is hype. Climate science is still a work in progress, though they are able to incorporate more and more of the necessary variables. They have yet, however, to include some additional variables, due to the lack of enough science behind them, that are important to have a complete and robust model, IMO.
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