Runaway supermassive black hole is hurtling through space followed by tail of infant stars (video)

Mar 7, 2023
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The explanation for the creation of the trail of infant stars makes sense, but could it also be feasible that some of the trail is stars that were dragged out of the "host" galaxy by the ejected BH? If these stars were on the fringes of the galaxy and thus outside of the accretion disk, it would seem plausible to me. Almost like the ejected BH saying to its former host galaxy, "screw this place, who's coming with me?"
I tend to agree with iMax, the black hole is likely dragging some of the galaxy residents with it.

I also wonder, if it’s correct that rhere’s A BH going thisaway, and two more going thataway, leaving the galaxy without its mother BH, after the dust settles, what does a galaxy look like without a BH?
Apr 20, 2020
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I have questions.

Any estimate on how many stars are in the line? How much gas is lurking in intergalactic space to compress or is all the gas to form stars brought with it from the galaxy? Will it just keep making stars forever?

Is this on course to hit any other galaxy eventually?

Do all these new stars have the same motion? Can they tell if the stars in the line are older towards the black hole or the galaxy? I'm wondering that because I'd like to know if stars are really forming or came with it.

If this thing is some how finding enough material in intersteller space to make new stars, do they have an idea on how often stars will be made?

If no new material is being consumed by this black hole, how long will it last before it evaporates?

How massive are these stars? Will we see a line of Supernovas one day to create other stars and planets out there?

Another idea, what if some mechanism between the gravity wells in the Galactic core is spitting the densely packed stars in the Galactic Core out like a machine gun and they're firing on that trajectory?
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