Russian invasion of Ukraine: How it's affecting Europe's space plans

It makes me consider France jockeying to be 3-5 future space power after N.A.. They had a competitor to Atari that had amazing visuals; their decathalon or Olympics game had sunset hues. I'm using St.Gobain as a model for nanotech. Their video game company had a teenage psychology hit.
My best space station interior would have a nanoteched pink granite clone on the walls with bonsai lichens and mosses and anoles (hopefully), nanoteched corals and jellyfish and shrimp in aquariums. "Sphere" prophesized a future spaceship made of smooth carbon fibre, but living in a stairwell all day would make astronauts insane. 1950s USA sci-fi basically went for a modern streamlined structures with 1970s households bakelite objects. The Tesla has good aerodynamic design maxing interior radius space. For interiors you can't use NASA's designs as they are spartan without in situ resources as the dream. France would know what colours and textures to make the coral.

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