See the first quarter moon join Saturn in the sky tonight (Nov. 1)

I did observe the two tonight. Observed 1930-2030 EDT. First Quarter Moon 01-Nov-2022 0637 UT. When I viewed this evening, the Moon just past First Quarter and bright. I used my 90-mm refractor telescope with TeleVue 14-mm Delos for 71x, true FOV a bit more than 60 arcminutes. The Moon and Saturn tonight in Capricornus ~ 4.5-degrees apart. Easy observations. While observing the Moon, I used a Moon filter. Much crater detail and relief visible along the terminator line. Craters like Archimedes examined, Eudoxus and some others in the northern area of the Moon. In the south, Maginus showed good sunlight on the crater wall and rim along with many other craters visible in the southern limb along the terminator line. I used the Virtual Moon Atlas to identify various craters along or near the terminator line. Stellarium 1.1 showed the angular separation between the Moon and Saturn as well as Starry Night. Saturn was lovely at 71x. Titan distinct near 7:30 position, mirror reverse view. The Cassini division, hints visible along with some cloud bands in the northern area of Saturn, with tiny slice of shadow on the rings. Higher magnification shows more but the 71x view with a bit more than 1-degree true FOV was excellent.