See the green comet near Mars in the night sky this week


Feb 11, 2023
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In Flagstaff's fairly dark sky, in the city, I was able to see this comet C/2022 E3 as a fuzzy blob near mars on Feb 10th, about 1 degree away using my Russian Cyclop-1 image intensifier. With 7x35 binoculars, just barely with some imagining it. My Cyclop-1 image intensifier proved its worth again. It was fantastic with NEOWISE, really brought that one out to the very end of its visibility. Image intensification monoculars and or binoculars are a must when seeking out really faint objects in the night sky... All displayed in a green field of view about 8 degrees with a Cyclop-1.
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Feb 12, 2023
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I saw a rare black and white striped zebra once.
Do better, encourage views of a spectacular comet without adding to the nonsense coming from those who have no idea what comets really look like and their "rarity" hypes for clicks.
We who are astronomy enthusiasts (hopefully including you authors and editors) know comets cores generally turn green as they approach the sun (as has every comet I've ever photographed) and a large number of catalogued comets are non periodic and have multi thousand year orbits. Otherwise you are perpetuating the hype and it might as well be a rare black and white striped zebra.