See the moon and Venus dance together in Wednesday evening's sky

Well, I did observe the waxing crescent Moon, Jupiter, and Venus in Pisces tonight.

Observed 1730-1830 EST. Sunset 1753 EST. Lovely evening at sunset with waxing crescent Moon, Jupiter, and Venus in Pisces. I viewed naked eye and with 90-mm refractor telescope at 71x using TeleVue 14-mm Delos. There were thermal currents in the atmosphere so some distortion when viewing, earthshine visible on the Moon - more apparent by 1815 EST. Quite a breathtaking sight the bright waxing crescent Moon, Jupiter, and Venus in Pisces. At Jupiter 4 Galilean moons visible (Ganymede, Europa on one side, Io and Callisto the other side), cloud bands and shading visible at the poles. Venus bright gibbous shape apparent too (about 87% illuminated). Jupiter and Venus 01-March-2023 will be about 0.5-degrees apart. The sunset tonight was a lovely sky with this trio in WSW-W. Virtual Moon Atlas shows Moon's angular size 32.12 arcminutes, Stellarium 1.2 shows Jupiter 34.46 arcseconds, and Venus 11.95 arcseconds or about 12 arcsecond angular size. Jupiter and Venus about 6-degrees 15 arcminutes apart, the Moon and Jupiter about 13 degrees 35 arcminutes apart in Pisces (Stellarium 1.2).

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