Should I buy a cheap beginner drone to build my flight skills?

Jan 20, 2024
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Good synopsis on how to be smart about starting drone flying.

I took a similar approach with RC planes.

I was born with 10% vision and always regretted not being able to become a pilot. Large RC planes were also out of my reach because they would fly too far away for me to see and were too crash damage susceptible.

About 15 years ago, cheap, small, foam RC planes came on the market. I could fly them within a few hundred feet and they are virtually indestructible.

About 5 years ago I realize that racing drone cameras and transmitters were small and light enough to carry on my RC planes. I mounted the cameras in the cockpits of the planes and I got my wish, flying a plane from the pilot's seat!


Recently I took the game up a notch by getting an actual drone flight controller with everything built in, replacing all the separate pieces of electronics I used before. It'll have brushless motors, on screen data including horizon and camera pan... and it'll be small!


But I couldn't have gotten this far if I hadn't started small and worked my way through it step by step.

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