sinks vs gravity vs source

Jan 12, 2024
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Any and all ideas are welcomed.

It has been shown that matter can be represented as a sink(absorbing space particles).
If that is the case, where is the source of the space particles matter is absorbing?.
Without a source, how long can this theory last?
All matter (and all energy) comprise mass, which warps spacetime such that more mass is drawn in. Eventually the universe will be comprised of nothing but black holes.
Bill! Bill! Bill! Don't you know? Universes (u), atoms, in their discreet quanta inside and outside the 'Event Horizon' set of an infinity of 'event horizons', an Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe (U), are already blackholes / white holes (a fundamental binary base2).

On the other hand, Bill, maybe in your own "mind's eye" way you do.
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