Space, Human Space Flight, Global and Indian Perspective

My views on this topic have been published in many comments on community forums for the past few years as well as through my article in after Chandrayaan 2 as Expert voices in Feb 2020 and on Chandrayaan 3 and Aditya L1, etc.
I have tried to summarize some of my views on future of Global and Indian Space programs. This is a view with emphasis on how India can achieve greater heights both due to its enormous resource pool and advantages and also due to opportunities that have opened by it signing the Artemis Accord, as well as current great openness policies, yet community (technical and leadership) participations and consensus building are needed for global synergy, illustrating leadership in the already established space programs like China's and following non-beaten paths for new global leaderships.
The same is true and observations for the US and NASA scenarios of future space explorations are presented with emphasis on human and robotic mission mix.

My invited article and analysis were published in India Foundation Journal.
(Dr. Ravi Sharma, Ph.D. USA)
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