Space junk is blocking our view of the stars, scientists say

"Reflections from the shiny debris could fill the sky with bright streaks."

This is becoming more and more apparent to me as I stargaze. Saturday evening I spent more than 5 hours outdoors viewing the heavens with my 10-inch Newtonian telescopes. While viewing Arcturus and some other locations, I counted 5 faint satellites I could see moving above, some 4th-5th apparent magnitude, another polar orbiting perhaps 2nd magnitude. Even when I use the finder scope or 2-inch eyepiece with nearly 2-degree true field of view, I see periodic satellites moving by. Especially noticeable since Starlink launches.
Ever have the feeling that money, power and control are the root of all political decisions allowing corporations to utilize the public common? Another question for paranoia's sake. What else besides better internet, cell phone service for pizza orders and scheduling Brazilian wax jobs is involved with communication satellites ringing Earth? The cavalier treatment of our space seems very strange.
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