Space Toilet

Well, it is a real issue, both the containment and the recycling. It just doesn't get discussed much in public. But, it is an important issue for astronaut training. And, as we try to put human habitats in more remote places, it will have less ability to deal with unreliable systems and processes, as well as a greater need to not waste the recyclable "resources".

I remember politicians in Congress giving NASA grief about a "million dollar toilet seat". It was used as a joke about NASA for quite a while. But not by those astronauts who used to have to tape plastic bags to their rear ends - and sometimes failed to achieve perfect "containment" in small spaces like Gemini capsuls.

So, while this may not be a good place to discuss it without unnecessarily unprofessional comments getting interjected, it is a subject that serious engineers need to pay attention to for designing space craft and off-Earth habitats.