Sep 9, 2020
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I am very interested in the topic of space tourism ! I am watching Virgin Galactic very closely as they will probably be the first commercial space tourism company to start operations soon, end of next year tentatively. I believe space tourism will be a big market in the future although high prices and demand/supply issues will throttle the market for some years. Next year (2021) will be the start of space tourism, then we shall see what happens and how people react ! I think once people see the video's and pictures they will want to go into space themselves if they have the money ($250K+).
Nov 11, 2020
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I think that space tourism is a bad idea as we would spend allot of money on one trip when we could spend it on more useful purposes such as improving our plastic problem. I work for a motortrader, if you only knew how many cars there are in the world, that's how much garbage and scrap, and how many they produce - it's awful! I also think that we shouldn't create space tourism as it is an optional experience whereas fixing our plastic crisis is much more urgent and crucial.


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