Spacecraft captures absolutely incredible video of plasma swirling on the sun

Dec 4, 2022
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It would have been nice if the article actually contained a link to the video that was described in such detail. I followed every link in the article's text and did not find it, if it ever existed at all.
Mar 31, 2024
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I absolutely agree with you. I've seen this a lot on, bit tease about a video, but then you can't find it.

Let's do a better job please.
I think I have the video thing figured out. The referenced video is always the solid black rectangle just below the headline. There is never a label under the video. Just an unmarked rectangle. The server is slow and it takes about ten seconds for an advertisement to load, then 15 seconds to run its course. Then the video of interest comes on one time. Then it repeats the ad and moves on to other, unrelated videos. I am able to tease this out only because I have fiber optic access at 500 Mbps. If you are connected at less than that, good luck.

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