Spacetime ripples detected in 2023 continue to puzzle astronomers. Could they be from the dawn of the universe?

Jun 11, 2023
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The recently detected gravitational waves are a muddled mix of various sources, new study finds.

Spacetime ripples detected in 2023 continue to puzzle astronomers. Could they be from the dawn of the universe? : Read more
Admin asked about): Spacetime ripples detected in 2023 continue to puzzle astronomers. Could they be from the dawn of the universe??
By Sharmila Kuthunur Published January 03, 2024

Could some gravitational waves detected in 2023 be from the dawn of the universe?? The answer is a resounding no!! Not because powerful spacetime ripples of two supermassive black holes of 1 million solar masses each could not reach our LIGO and VIRGO detectors after traveling for 13.77 billion years but because there was no big bang from a “singularity” in the volume of an atom 13.77 billion years, ago, as given!!

The Big Bang “Singularity” “Creationist” Theory given that from the volume of an atom out popped enough “photons” to create everything visible and invisible in our universe including space itself is so absurd and impossible that it takes the form of gaslighting for the 3 million physicists of the world and perhaps, in 2023, most of the 1100 million atheists that believe The Big Bang “Singularity” “Creationist” Theory.

On average across 26 countries surveyed, 40% say they believe in God as described in holy scriptures!! Which means that they do not believe in The Big Bang “Singularity” “Creationist” Story.

The interesting thing, here, is that most scientists and atheists believe in Darwin evolution for humans and, as given, in the The Big Bang “Singularity” “Creationist” Theory which is said to have pulled neutrons, protons and electrons in pairs of matter-antimatter particles out of vacuum that immediately annihilated each other to “create” all the matter, moons, planets, stars, galaxies, life and humans on Earth as an end product of the creation of hydrogen!!

Confused!! Well!!): So, so are modern physicists which hide their baryon asymmetry problem from the public!!

We are given): “In physical cosmology, the baryon asymmetry problem, also Known As The Matter Asymmetry Problem Or The Matter–Antimatter Asymmetry Problem is the observed imbalance in baryonic matter (the type of matter experienced in everyday life) and antibaryonic matter in the observable universe.”

While the baryon asymmetry problem remains for now and forever, because net matter particles cannot accrue if protons and antiprotons must be pulled out of vacuum in pairs that immediately annihilate each other!!

Anyway, physicists, in order, to continue with their flawed theory that E=MC2 and a “charge neutral universe” created a special condition for the “Early Universe Only” that per each billion proton-antiproton pairs created one extra proton was created and that error repeated greatly resulted in the entire matter universe that we have today!!

Tune into this thread to learn about all the misassumptions of modern physicists that will keep them for all eternity from learning how gravity is generated and that gravity is a direct function of mass and the rate at which the matter particles of the mass heat up and that each unit of gravity generation stores a unit of potential dark energy/antigravity for when the matter particles of the mass net cool!!

More on these facts, later!!

Talk more, soon!! Have A Great Day!!
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