SpaceX Crew Dragon reaches launch pad for historic NASA astronaut launch

May 22, 2020
I'm in awe and a filled with antici-pation. I was honestly doubtful I would ever see another astronaut lift off from US soil in my lifetime. I was 4 years old when Apollo 11 touched down on the lunar surface and although NASA has done a great many very impressive things I'm very grateful for in the following decades, the degradation and then total loss of the manned (is it okay to use that term?) space program and total reliance on Vladimir Putin to hitch a ride was disgraceful. That's not NASA's fault, I'm VERY aware of that.

It fills me with patriotic pride to see this day finally this near and I hope the whole world is watching on that day. Not only to see Americans lifting off again but now LANDING as well!!! This is going to freaking rock. o_O